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IWT objects to classification of wild boar as an ‘invasive species’

June 7, 2014 4:46 pm

The IWT has made a submission to the risk assessments published recently by the Government. The IWT is against the illegal release of wild boar/hybrid/feral pigs. Any reintroduction of wild boar would have to be preceded by a detailed feasibility … Continue reading

Neglect and wishful thinking leading to biodiversity crisis in Ireland

May 22, 2014 11:46 am

Today, May 22nd, is international biodiversity day and events are happening all over Ireland to mark this event. However on-going neglect of our wildlife by Government is combining with wishful thinking bordering on denial, that is leading to a biodiversity … Continue reading

IWT Submission to the National Peatlands Strategy

9:58 am

The IWT has made a submission to the draft National Peatland Strategy. The draft strategic plan is composed of a number of draft documents including a National Peatlands Strategy, a National Raised Bog SAC management plan (bogs protected at a … Continue reading

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Latest issue: IWT Summer 2014

Floating wild seeds in the sea of Irish landscapes

by Mark Fisher of the Wildland Research Institute at Leeds University

Defending the National Parks and Wildlife Service

by Elaine Dromey

Saving the hairy wood ant in Ireland

by John Breen of the University of Limerick

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