Learning Together for Biodiversity Award

Learning Together for Biodiversity Award

Biodiversity is all the living organisms in a particular area. That is all the animals, plants and micro-organisms, and the habitats they depend on. Biodiversity is everywhere – from the biodiversity of planet Earth to the biodiversity of Ireland and the biodiversity of our back gardens. Ireland’s biodiversity is found in every village, townland, and farm and even in our cities. So, while biodiversity loss may be a global problem, an important response is to protect local biodiversity.


On this page you will find information about the Learning Together for Biodiversity Award

Award Category D: Project run by a School – leading on biodiversity through education

This category is being run to recognise the work being carried out in our Primary and Secondary schools to help Irish biodiversity.

Every school is different with different resources available and different habitats in the locality. There are lot of ways schools can help protect biodiversity, some examples are below;

Bee friendly planting

School Grounds: Making your school grounds more wildlife friendly and biodiverse

You may have planted pollinator friendly plants to attract bees and butterflies or made a wildlife garden or a wildlife pond.

Local Habitats: You may have helped out with a litter pick on a local beach or in the park or even helped plant native trees in the area.

Biodiversity Learning: You may have put up education signage in the school or grounds helping fellow students learn about their biodiversity or carried out a research project on to help raise awareness about a biodiversity issue like plastic pollution. Another project schools can do is learn how to identify and monitor their local wildlife such as birds or bumblebees.

– The Together For Biodiversity Awards are now closed – thank you for all your fantastic applications –


If you want to check if your class or school group is eligible to apply contact us at awards@iwt.ie

Download the application form and terms and conditions here



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