Local Biodiversity Champion Award

Local Biodiversity Champion Award

Biodiversity is all the living organisms in a particular area. That is all the animals, plants and micro-organisms, and the habitats they depend on. Biodiversity is everywhere – from the biodiversity of planet Earth to the biodiversity of Ireland and the biodiversity of our back gardens. Ireland’s biodiversity is found in every village, townland, and farm and even in our cities. So, while biodiversity loss may be a global problem, an important response is to protect local biodiversity.

On this page you will find information about the Local Biodiversity Champion Award

Award Category C: Project run by an Individual

Our biodiversity is in decline. Now more that ever we need champions for biodiversity. People who are willing to go that extra mile to help protect Ireland’s biodiversity locally or across the country. There are many ways people can make a difference for biodiversity both through their leadership and their actions. If you know someone you think is a biodiversity champion why not nominate them. Below are just a few examples to get you thinking;

Habitat Creators: Lots of people out there are realising the importance of providing space for nature and have taken the opportunity to manage their land in a wildlife friendly manner. Any plot of land can be made a bit more wildlife friendly from gardens, to farms, to campuses. Biodiversity Champions may have turned their back gardens into a nature reserves or created a specific habitat for an endangered species on their farm. We want to hear from the land owners who are putting nature conservation to the fore on their land.

Knowledge Champions: The more we know about biodiversity the better we can protect it and educate people about it. There are biodiversity champions out there researching our plants, animals and habitats or spending free time making biodiversity records for use by the National Biodiversity Data Centre.

Educators: To share the wonder of nature is to engage people with the natural world and nurture much needed care for it. Biodiversity Champions could be teachers who bring nature into their students lives or educators running kids nature events.

Advocators: Nature cannot speak for itself at a political level and needs people to speak for it, highlighting its importance and value. Biodiversity Champions could be those of us who spends hours of our time advocating for better biodiversity protection and communicating the importance of biodiversity.

– The Together For Biodiversity Awards are now closed – thank you for all your fantastic applications –


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