Green Drinks: RTI: a new idea for sustainable fisheries management

Mar 23
April 3, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
JW Sweetman's
Burgh Quay

Green Drinks Tuesday 3rd April ‘RTI: a new idea for sustainable fisheries management’

7pm J. W. Sweetman’s, Burgh Quay

This month Debbi Pedreschi of the Marine Institute will talk about ‘Real-time incentives fisheries management’ . Debbi is working to develop a new way of managing fisheries, that takes the ecosystem into account, and would use smart technologies to improve the information coming from fishing activity to help make the science more accurate, while keeping the system simple to use and understand and provide incentives for sustainable activities and methods.

In this project the team are working together with fishermen to co-design the system, to make it work practically for them, and to gain their insights, opinions and ideas. They have also started to work with eNGOs to incorporate their ideas and gather their thoughts. For more information see