IWT Galway Waterways Survey

Oct 16
October 20, 2019 @ 8:30 am – 11:30 am
IWT Galway Waterways Survey

IWT Galway Waterways Survey


The Irish Wildlife Trust Galway branch would like to announce the launch of a new biodiversity initiative.

The ‘IWT Galway Waterways Survey’ will record the flora and fauna present in the various networks of waterways that run throughout the city; including the canals, the Claddagh Basin, the Corrib and around the Claddagh beaches.

Expanding on both the success and scope of The Galway Otter Survey (2016) – initial results to be published soon – the IWT Galway Waterways Survey will include the variety of habitats, ecosystems and biodiversity present along the entirety of Galway’s waterways.

The overall aim of this long-term project is to highlight the importance of Galway’s waterways as biodiversity corridors, while also creating a free-to-access database of the mammal, bird, bee, aquatic invertebrate, fish, fungi, and plant species that call Galway home.

On Sunday 20th October we will conduct our first survey. Members of IWT and the public are all welcome to attend.

Date & Time: 08:30 am start – 11:30 am finish, Sunday 20th October

Location: We will meet at 8:30am by the Martin Ryan Annexe on the NUI Galway campus.

Event attendees will be shown how to identify and record biodiversity, as well as learn habitat monitoring skills.

Subsequent survey and monitoring days will be announced in advance through our Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Public WhatsApp channels. For more details and/or to add yourselves to our contact list for this project, please email: The Biodiversity Officer, with the subject ‘IWT Galway Waterways Survey’ at iwtgalway@gmail.com