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***New Report on Ireland’s failure to protect marine Natura 2000 sites***

Read about the underlying causes of ongoing deterioration of protected marine flora and fauna and what needs to be done to reverse this trend.


New MPA website

Along with our partner NGOs we have launched a new website designated to MPAs. The website introduces case studies from Portugal, France and Ireland to highlight good and bad practice examples as well as a legal toolkit for challenging poor management of marine Natura 2000 sites.

Visit for more information.

Click here for more news and updates on this project.


Razor shell dredging halted in Waterford Estuary

Coastwatch secures win for nature in Razor Shell fisheries court case! After a razor shell dredge fishery was opened illegally in a Marine Protected Area in Waterford Estuary without any risk assessments, Coastwatch successfully challenged this decision in the High Court. Read more here!


Wild Oceans Photo Competition

Throughout June, the IWT ran a marine themed photo contest. We received over a hundred entries of beautiful underwater and coastal images of Ireland. The winner was chosen by public vote and can be viewed here.


Public consultation submissions

Ireland’s first marine spatial plan is due to be published in 2020. This plan will be very important for the proper zonation and management of marine protected areas. Read our submission to the draft National Marine Planning Framework here!

Read our submission on the Marine Strategy Framework Directive here: IWT submission on MSFD.


General election

We campaigned for healthy seas during the general election 2020. Read our 8 asks for healthier seas here.