About Us

The Irish Wildlife Trust (IWT) is a non-governmental organisation and charity founded in 1979 (Charity no:  20010966). The Irish Wildlife Trust aims to conserve wildlife and the habitats it depends on throughout Ireland while encouraging a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural world and the need to protect it.

Our Mission

The Irish Wildlife Trust works to create a better future for Ireland’s biodiversity by motivating and supporting people to take action to protect biodiversity. We achieve this through wildlife walks and talks, citizen science projects, community & school education, practical conservation activities, and biodiversity campaigning and advocacy.

Pine Marten in bluebells by Noel Marry

Pine Marten in bluebells by Noel Marry

The Irish Wildlife Trust is governed by the ‘Council’, a board of directors that are elected and nominated by members at the Annual General Meeting.  The Council are responsible for the overall strategic direction of the IWT.  Our head office has a small staff unit that responds to the public requests for information and fulfills the IWT activities and commitments on a daily and annual basis.

We depend upon the generous efforts of volunteers throughout Ireland who work tirelessly to conserve Ireland’s wildlife and habitats and bring life to the organisation.

The IWT is a nationwide organisation with a strong membership base, staff, volunteers and Board of Directors, with branches throughout Ireland.

The IWT is a member of the Irish Environmental Network (IEN) and through the IEN receives core funding from the Department of Communication Climate Action and Environment.

We are active members of the Seas at Risk, Sustainable Water Network (SWAN), and European Environmental Bureau.


The IWT is supported by the Heritage Council


The IWT is funded by the Irish Environmental Network


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