Irish Wildlife Trust Webinars

We are running a series of webinars on solutions to the biodiversity crisis in Ireland. Join us once a month to watch live discussions with specialists in wildlife conservation or use the links below to watch back. To join live and take part in the Q&A keep an eye out for the webinar registration links as they are announced here and on our social media.

Upcoming webinars

December 7th at 7pm – The white-tailed eagle in Ireland


Description: Join us on 7th Dec for a webinar on the reintroduction of the White-tailed Eagle to Ireland. This is one of the most exciting nature conservation projects in Ireland in recent years and we look forward to hearing all about this with Dr Allan Mee.

Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_zMABFmVwReil4tejPHajuA

Check out our past webinars using the links below.

Past webinars

November 3rd at 7pm - COP26 - Now or later?
Description: This webinar, during the first week of the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, talks to some of the activists travelling from Ireland about their expectations, past experiences and why they’re making the trip.
October 5th at 7pm - Code Red for planet Earth

Description: Environmental journalist John Gibbons gives us an overview of what is at stake as world leaders prepare to meet in Glasgow for the COP26 summit on climate change.

July 15th at 11:30am - Our Ocean of Opportunity - MPAs for Ireland

Description: This webinar on Marine Protected Areas for Ireland includes expert speakers (Grace Cott, UCD, Ruth Brennan TCD, Morven Roberteson, Blue Marine Foundation & Jean-Luc Solandt, Marine Conservation Society) as well as an introduction from Minister for State Malcolm Noonan.

June 1st at 7pm - Saving Our Seas - with Enric Sala

Description: Enric Sala is director of National Geographic’s Pristine Seas project which combines exploration, research, and media to support and empower local communities and inspire country leaders to protect the last wild places in the ocean. To date, Pristine Seas has helped to create 22 of the largest marine reserves on the planet, covering an area of 5.8 million square km.


May 4th at 7pm - Grace O'Sullivan MEP - in conversation

Description: This webinar will give an overview of Grace’s work in the European Parliament, in particular as the Parliament’s Rapporteur for the Environment Action Programme to 2030 and her recent work on overfishing and fisheries control.

Grace O’Sullivan was an activist with Greenpeace and is a long-time advocate of protecting the marine environment. She was elected an MEP in 2019 and has been heavily involved in environmental matters in the European Parliament including fisheries, biodiversity, climate change and international trade deals. We talked to Grace about her work and the importance of the EU in framing our current environmental debate.


April 6th at 7pm - Rewilding in Europe

Description: This webinar will look at how rewilding is being put into practice in two parts of Europe: the Oder Delta on the border between Germany and Poland, and Spain.

Peter Torkler
Peter Torkler joined Rewilding Oder Delta as Team Leader Poland in March 2020. Rewilding Oder Delta perfectly matches Peter’s passion to work in the field and to balance nature conservation work and the needs of local people. Understanding these needs is a great motivation for him to lobby for the right political and financial framework conditions to make rewilding part of a nature-based economy.

Jordi Palau
Jordi Palau is a Forest Engineer and holds an MSc in Protected Area Management. He has been the manager of two natural parks and three national game reserves in Catalonia, being one of them (Boumort) a pilot site for rewilding, and he has also advised some Spanish private estates interested in conservation and ecotourism. He has travelled around the world visiting rewilding scenarios in Africa, Eurasia and the Americas, getting to know them first-hand. In 2020 he published the book “Rewilding Iberia. Exploring the potential of rewilding in Spain” (Lynx Editions).

March 1st  at 7pm - Nature in the City

Description: We’ll be talking about the importance of biodiversity in Dublin including the importance of trees and green space, the value of water ways and some of the plans to enhance nature in Dublin. Our capital city has a surprising amount of nature but we need more! Speakers include Alma Clavin of UCD, Patrick McCabe of REDscape Landscape & Urbanism and Lorraine Bull, biodiversity officer with Dublin City Council.

February 1st  at 7pm - Birds on the Edge

Description: This webinar will look at efforts to save three of Ireland’s most endangered birds: the Curlew, the Corncrake and the Hen Harrier. Speakers include Ryan Wilson-Parr of the Hen Harrier Project, Kathryn Finney of BirdWatch Ireland and John Carey of the recently-launched Corncrake LIFE project.


Dec 7th - Farming and Nature in Ireland's Uplands


Description: A webinar on farming and nature in Ireland’s uplands with Dr. Eugene Costelle from the Department of Archaeology University College Cork.


 Nov 16th - Nature-Based Solutions to Climate Breakdown

Description: A discussion on nature-based solutions to climate breakdown with Jennifer Whitmore TD and Nathalie Seddon of the University of Oxford.


Nov 2nd - Marine Protected Areas for Ireland

Description: The government has committed to protecting 30% of our seas by 2030 but currently Ireland only protects 2.5%, and even these areas do not enjoy any actual protection. Join the IWT for a discussion on the potential for bigger and better MPAs for Ireland featuring our own Regina Classen and National Geographic’s Adrian Gahan.

Adrian presented National Geographic’s Pristine Seas project and discussed the potential for marine protected areas in Ireland.

Regina introduced us to the current state of marine protection in Ireland and what needs to be done to reverse the decline in marine biodiversity and enhance the carbon storage capacity of our Ocean. For more information, you can read her full report on Ireland’s failure to protect marine Natura 2000 sites here.


Oct 2020: Farming in the Biodiversity and Climate Crisis

Description: An Irish Wildlife Trust webinar with farmers Sinead Moran and Clive Bright