Corporate Support

Corporate Support

In today's world environmental and business sustainability make good business sense. Engaging in a charitable partnership with Ireland's primary wildlife charity, the Irish Wildlife Trust, will highlight your community and environmental responsibility, strengthen your brand image, enhance its credibility, whilst demonstrating a commitment to conservation principles and actions.

In return, the IWT can aid in improving workplace morale through direct actions such as 'greening' your grounds, visits to our wildlife reserve sites, teaching new skills and raising awareness through direct staff contact, and initiating projects that contribute to increasing workplace pride and employee motivation. Furthermore, the high profile of our organisation can contribute to increased visibility and improve your public charitable image.

Partnership with the IWT provides the opportunity to align with an Irish grass roots environmental charity that actively supports both wildlife and habitats, utilises volunteers to carry out citizen science, raises awareness of major environmental issues, carries out ground work on invasive species and litter clean-ups, raises public awareness and lobbies government and organisations to act responsibly. The IWT is committed to raising awareness of Ireland’s rich natural heritage and protecting it for future generations, together with your organisation, we can achieve these goals.


  • Contribute to protecting Ireland's vulnerable species and habitats
  • Strengthen your sustainable and charitable image
  • Highlight your community and environmental responsibility
  • Enhance brand image and credibility
  • Increase staff morale and skills set
  • Increased exposure and visibility to new potential customer base


  • Contact us directly on or call us on (+353) 01-8602839
  • Corporate Membership at a level to suit your business
  • Suggest IWT for your company’s chosen charity of the year
  • Set up a regular donation from your business to IWT
  • Host a corporate fund matching workplace fundraiser for the IWT
  • Get colleagues and employees involved in organising IWT fundraisers
  • Benefits-in-kind (gifts, vouchers, etc) for potential large-scale raffles / competitions / hosting events etc.

We are happy to discuss potential partnerships with interested businesses and to tailor projects to company needs. Examples of what we have to offer are listed below.

  • Effective usage of donated staff hours on direct conservation activities such as; invasive species removals, litter clean-ups, tree-planting, etc
  • Choice of specific wildlife projects to support, with regular updates on the chosen cause.  For example, Badger Campaign, Sustainable Seas, Wild for  Nature programme, sponsor a local school as a Badger Schools.  See here for more information.
  • Workplace visit from IWT personnel to explain about the IWT, what we do, and what your workplace contributions enable us to achieve
  • A committed partnership from a grass-roots Irish conservation charity
  • Tax deductable donations
  • Guided tours of our wildlife reserves
  • Advice on making the workplace more wildlife friendly (Make It Wild!)
  • Sponsorship of specific actions on our wildlife reserves to improve biodiversity. Plaques marking the company donation can be arranged.
  • Sponsorship of specific events or major activities, e.g. our Facebook photo of the month competition, campaign launch events, etc.
  • Direct advertisement  (website, facebook, magazine, members)
  • Boxes of 'Bulbs for Biodiversity' for staff to join in the national planting day