IWT Citizen Science

Citizen Science

Citizen science usually involves research projects where the public is directly involved, consisting of the recording of species or changes in the environment around you. This data can help inform both professionals and the wider community. In Ireland, you can submit bird, mammal, insect and flora data to the National Biodiversity Data Centre.

The Irish Wildlife Trust is a firm believer in Citizen Science and develops projects involving elements of awareness raising, training and species surveying, so involving the public at different levels.

We are currently running People for Bees training workshops.

Ongoing Projects

People for Bees

The People for Bees project will see us deliver training on bee identification, bumblebee monitoring, and bee friendly habitat creation to community groups and members of the public in every province of Ireland.


Previous Projects

For more information on past projects see the links below:

Waterways for Wildlife

Our Waterways for Wildlife programme sees IWT staff and volunteers conducted a wildlife survey of a stretch of the Grand Canal, during which the local community play a full role in documenting the natural heritage found.


National Reptile Survey

We are calling for records of once-off sightings from the public as well as recruiting volunteers of the native common lizard (Zootoca vivipara) and the introduced slow worm (Anguis fragilis) in their local area.


Otter Surveying 2016


Ladybird Surveying 2014


National Smooth Newt Survey 2010 – 2013


National Biodiversity Data Centre

The National Biodiversity Data Centre is a free, online and mobile resource that citizens can use to record biodiversity, view species data, maps and learn more about the natural world around them. This invaluable resource will help manage and analyse biodiversity data, track environmental changes and help inform conservation actions. You can find out more here: http://www.biodiversityireland.ie/