Common Lizard by Kevin Murphy

Common Lizard by Kevin Murphy

Citizen Science

Citizen science is research projects where the public is directly involved, often involving recording species or changes in the environment around you, and where data can help inform both professionals and the wider community. See our current an past citizen science projects here




Shannon by Carsten Krieger

Shannon by Carsten Krieger

Campaigns & Policy

One of the IWT’s goals is to give a voice to nature and campaign for the continued protection of Ireland’s wildlife. See our campaigns list here





Grey Seal by Mike BrownCommunication

Giving a voice to wildlife is a key activity of the Irish Wildlife Trust. Nature cannot vote or protest or tweet about the devastation of the natural world but we can, and you can. We are active on the media platforms here. We invite you to join, follow, share, retweet and make some noise for wildlife.




IWT Education

Bee workshop, Monaghan


We helping people discover and learn about Ireland’s wildlife as a primary school & community level. Learn more here.







The IWT manages a network of reserves around the country that it aspires to expand in order to protect more and more of Ireland’s wildlife and their habitats. See a list of IWT reserves here