Campaigns & Advocacy

At the IWT our goal is to give a voice to nature and campaign for the continued protection of Ireland’s wildlife.

The Irish Wildlife Trust believe that the proposed changes to Section 40 of the Wildlife Act contained in the Heritage Bill 2016 are unjustified and damaging to natural heritage.

The Irish Wildlife Trust (IWT) is calling for full legal protection for selected marine fish and invertebrates in a newly released report, entitled ‘Protecting Our Ocean’s Wealth – a proposal for legal protection of threatened marine species

Badger by Mike Brown

Badger. Image: Mike Brown

The IWT is committed to protecting the natural landscapes of Ireland. Forestry, wetlands, uplands and coastal habitats, regardless of legal status, are all vital to preserving our wildlife and biodiversity.

The Irish Wildlife Trust opposes the use of badger culling as a technique for Bovine Tuberculosis management in Ireland.

We campaign for the proper management of our national parks to ensure that the shared heritage that they safeguard is properly maintained.