Biodiversity Week 2021 Events

This year, National Biodiversity Week will be celebrated from 15th to 23rd May May.

“National Biodiversity Week is all about connecting people with nature. It’s about communicating the importance of biodiversity and motivating people to play their part in protecting it.”

Join in one of our activities to explore the outdoors and learn about our fantastic biodiversity.

National Biodiversity Week with the Irish Wildlife Trust

#IStandWithNature Video


Nature has been a lifeline for us during the lockdowns. Now let’s show our appreciation for nature.  

This National Biodiversity Week we the Irish Wildlife Trust are asking everyone to seek out a wild space near you and tell us (and the world); Why this space is important for nature and Why nature is important for you. 

Just like us, nature needs a safe and unpolluted habitat to live in. This Biodiversity Week let’s take a break from the screens and spend some time in nature and appreciate all it does for us. You could travel to your local nature reserve, beach, river or canal walk (see a list of nature reserves below). When you’re there please take a moment to share your love of nature with us. We want to share messages from all over Ireland throughout the week. Let’s show that we stand with nature. 


Here’s what to do

1. Anytime this week (15th to 23rd May) take some time to find your favourite wild space.

2. Make short video (30 sec) or take a selfie of yourself there.

In the video, or in a few lines of text, tell us;

Why this space is important for nature and Why nature is important for you. 

3. Post your video (or photo & text) to social media using this hashtag #IStandWithNature and tag us in your post. (you can simply use the text tool and the # symbol to type out the hashtag. Remember: Do not add spaces or punctuation in a hashtag, or it will not work properly!)

Our social media accounts are; Facebook: @IrishWildlifeTrust, Twitter: @irishwildlife, Instagram @irishwildlifetrust

4. We will use a selection of videos & photos to make a montage video. If you would like your video to be consider email the video (or photo & text) to us at


Tips for your video 

Your face and voice should be clear and easy to understand

The video must answer the question, “Why this space is important for nature and Why nature is important for you. ”

Video titles must include the hashtag #IStandwithNature

Here are some maps with nature reserves in Ireland:

Nature Reserves:

Protected Sites: 



#IWTQuiz on Instagram:

During the week follow us on our Instagram account (@irishwildlifetrust) for quizzes to learn more about our Biodiversity.



#Bee the Change 


This International Bee Day we want to take a snapshot of the bees of Ireland and the actions people are taking to help them. We have set a challenge to visually document the bees in our parks and gardens across Ireland on this one day and we need your help.

1. Spend some time on 20th May in your garden or local park to search for bees.
2. Take a photo of a bee(s) and the plant you find them on
3. Post your photo and your location to social media and let us know what your favourite bee friendly flower is and how you plan to help create bee habitat in your community. Using the hashtag #beethechange and tag us in your post
Our social media accounts are; Facebook: @IrishWildlifeTrust, Twitter: @irishwildlife, Instagram @irishwildlifetrust
4. Send the photo your location and comment to We will use the photos to create a gallery of bee life in our gardens on International Bee Day 2021.
5. To help wildlife in your community why not Pledge Your Garden for Pollinators


Let’s see if we can get a bee snap from every corner of Ireland!


Donegal Volunteer Centre BeeTalk


This talk will focus on what groups / volunteers can do within our communities and gardens to help our Bees thrive.

When: Thu, 20 May 2021 – 14:00 – 15:00 BST

This is a free and online event. Register here.



Check out for more Biodiversity Week events here