Kerry Branch

Kerry Branch

The Kerry branch of the Irish Wildlife Trust (IWT) aims to promote the appreciation of wildlife and the importance of habitat conservation throughout the county of Kerry. The branch also wishes to provide an outlet for wildlife enthusiasts of all levels and interests to come together and share their knowledge and skills with the wider community. The Kerry branch supports and promotes the work of the IWT as well as other wildlife/conservation organisations operating within the county.

Wader and Shore Bird Event with Frank King in BlennervilleThe Kerry branch organises regular wildlife events such as Dawn Chorus Walks, Deer Rut watches, and shoreline species identification surveys, Bat observing/listening exercises and many more outdoor seasonal activities. When the outdoor event opportunities are limited the branch holds wildlife lectures on various topics ranging from Bats, Raptors, and Badgers given by well-known and respected local and national experts.

The branch maintains an active Facebook page where members share photos and occasionally have impromptu quizzes around the identification of the species on display. Facebook is also used to promote upcoming events and also share relevant stories and information from other organisations.

Beach Combing Event with Brigid Vinnell at DerrymoreThe branch maintains a blog for the purpose of recording the details of events afterward and sharing photos with attendants. The blog provides an alternative means of showcasing the activities of the branch outside of Facebook and also provides a platform to integrate other web tools such as Calendar, Mailing list, and survey forms.

To keep in touch with its members the Kerry branch sends regular newsletters to its mailing list which detail upcoming events, lectures, conservation projects and wildlife news from around Kerry and the rest of the country.

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