Waterford Branch

The committee of the Waterford Branch is comprised of individuals who have been involved with a range of other environmental groups in the past.  It represents a pooling of resources to work as one team to speak for and co-ordinate the environmental voice in Waterford.  The main focus is on walk-based activity in the southeast and submissions relating to biodiversity and wildlife in the local and regional draft policy documents.  We aim to have one walk per month.

We communicate through the local and regional newspapers, local radio and via the internet.

The IWT Waterford Branch is very active in areas of local government represented on Community Forum and Council Committees for example Waterford County Community Forum, South East River Basin District and People’s Park. They are involved in creating awareness on Habitat Conservation such as Hedgerows and work with local schools and community groups to highlight local and global environmental and conservation issues. A public walk or event is organised once a month.

Please support the Waterford Branch by becoming an active working member and help conserve Waterford’s Biodiversity. If you have time to volunteer with the Waterford Branch, please contact a member of the IWT Waterford Branch committee.

Chairman: Denis Cullen; Treasurer: Andrew Cox; Secretary: Alan Walshe; P.R.: Leah Burgess

Committee:  Emma Vermont and Paul Roache

Email: iwtwaterfordbranch@gmail.com

Follow our activities on our Blog website.