Nature’s Hidden Adventures

Nature’s Hidden Adventures


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by Shane Casey
and illustrated by Vincent Killowry

The book contains three stories: The Tale of Two Hedgehogs, Senan’s Story, and The Life of Bombus Reilly. It also includes a short fact-file about hedgehogs, swifts, and bumblebees.

Paperback, 56 pages, 210mm*210mm, Age group: 6+, Suitable for dyslexic readers.


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The Tale of Two Hedgehogs: Like all hedgehogs, Hazel and Roland are solitary animals, but each night when they have finished nosing through the undergrowth in search of their tea, they always make sure to meet up. However, as the Summer fades away to Autumn, Hazel and Roland both know they will have to find somewhere to hibernate. But where?

Senan’s Story: Swifts are born to fly, but whenever Senan looks over the edge of his nest and sees the hard ground below, he gets scared. And time is not on Senan’s side, as he will soon have to migrate along with all the other swifts. Can anyone help Senan to overcome his fears and take his first flight?

The Life of Bombus Reilly: Bombus is not like other bumblebees. She rarely appears to be very busy. In fact, she seems to spend most of her time talking to the flowers instead of gathering nectar! So what happens when all the other worker bees go to Queen Hannah to complain? Will anyone stand up for Bombus?


ISBN: 978-0-9927490-1-9

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