WildArt Themes

WildArt Themes

Express your creativity about Irish Wildlife by drawing, painting, building models or creating collages within one of the following themes

Theme A: My Favourite Irish Plants and Animals

Theme B: Protecting Irish Wildlife – Land and Sea


Theme A: My Favourite Irish Plants and Animals

Ireland has amazing species of plants and animals. From giant oak trees to buzzing bees, jumping dolphins to soaring eagles.

Birds, mammals, plants, insects, fish, amphibians so much to explore in your imagination.

Hedgehog by David McConnon

Take some time to learn about the wildlife around you and then create a piece of art showing us your favourites.

Your art can depict just one subject or a group of Irish plants and/or animals. Whichever you prefer.

Let your imagination run wild.

To learn more about Irish animals and plants click here.

Theme B: Protecting Irish Wildlife - Land and Sea

How can we protect Irish wildlife? For this theme, we would love to see your drawings, paintings, models or collages of ways to protect Irish wildlife.  Here is some information to get your creativity flowing:

One of the ways in which we can protect wildlife is by safeguarding large habitats like forests, wetlands or parts of the ocean, so all the wildlife inside these habitats can stay safe and healthy. These safe havens for wildlife are called protected areas, nature reserves, sanctuaries or national parks. In the sea, they are called marine protected areas. Protected areas must be managed by the government to ensure that precious animals and plants are really protected from any harm that people may cause them. It is against the law to harm certain wildlife inside these areas.


We can all help and one way to protect Irish Wildlife is to create your own mini protected area in your garden by leaving space for nature to go wild!

A female spiny seahorse (Hippocampus guttulatus) shelters is a meadow of common eelgrass (Zostera marina). Credit: Scotlandbigpicture.com

Another way of protecting wildlife is by protecting entire species, no matter where they live. We do this for many migratory species that come from far away to spend only part of the year in Ireland. Some seabirds only come to land to breed in the summer months. Some geese and swans on the other hand come to Ireland only for the winter months when their usual home in the Arctic is way too cold. Other species that are always protected include all our whales, dolphins and seals, and many land animals too. Did you know that the entire ocean around Ireland is a whale and dolphin sanctuary?

Show us what wildlife protection means to you by submitting your art!

Here are some links for your research

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