General Knowledge on Bees

Feb 03

General Knowledge on Bees

Honeybees can recognize and remember human faces, to them we look like strange flowers. They can build respect and trust with people they remember! Bees are also very capable of showing love and affection.

Bees are also self-aware animals, meaning they are aware that they are bees, which not all animals are intelligent enough to know. They can also have emotions! For example, when a bee escapes a spiders web “her demeanor changes, for days after she will be scared of every flower” says Lars Chittka, a German Zoologist. In other words they can go through emotional distress, just like humans.


Why Do We Need Bees?

Bees are essential to our everyday lives. Without them the majority of our plants could not be pollinated, meaning plants could not reproduce and we would not be able to grow crops. Although bees seem like such a small part of our world, and you probably don’t think about them all that much, without them we could not survive.


How Do We Save Them!

The two biggest reason our bee numbers are struggling are habitat loss and pesticides. To combat this we can stop using pesticides, in our own gardens at home and on farmland. We can also plant pollinator friendly flowers like lavender, foxgloves, sunflowers, rosemary and crocuses, but most importantly let the wildflowers in your garden grow.


Ancient Beliefs

The Celts believed that bees were messengers between this world and the afterlife.  A bee seen after a death signified that the soul had left the body. Overall seeing a bee was a good omen and some believed that it meant good news was on the way.


There is an ancient Celtic tradition of “telling the bees” which meant the beekeeper families had to tell their hives when there was a major changes in the family like a death or birth, this showed a sign of respect to the bees and you would stay on their good side.

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