Living Landscapes

Living Landscapes

The Irish Wildlife Trust is committed to protecting the natural landscapes of Ireland. Forestry, wetlands, uplands and coastal habitats, regardless of legal status, are all vital to preserving our wildlife and biodiversity.


Government policy and actions across the departments can have an influence on our landscape and the IWT aims to engagement with the government to ensure wise management of these habitats.



IWT recognizes that agricultural policy and practices in Ireland and at a European Union level is extremely important for our wildlife.



The IWT is concerned that afforestation in Ireland is dominated by single-species plantations of non-natives species with little biodiversity rather than native broad-leaf woodland.

Our tortured relationship with trees




Illegal hedgerow cutting is detrimental to Irish wildlife and the IWT is calling for an immediate halt to this destructive practice.


Boglands are a part of our culture and heritage and are home to a unique array of plants and animals.

See our statement “The Preservation of the Biodiversity and Ecosystems of Peatlands” to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht. February 6th 2019.


The IWT is highlighting the need for a comprehensive wetland policy and strategy for Ireland that reflects their value, functions, and ecosystem services.

Rare Plants

We are working through WEB (Working and Education for Biodiversity) to promote policies that protect plants in their place.

Climate Change

There is a strong link between biodiversity and climate change. Climate change is one of the causes of biodiversity loss since many species cannot adapt to changing temperatures by moving across our highly modified landscapes.

Protecting Freshwater

The IWT is a leader in the SWAN Network. SWAN gathers Ireland’s leading environmental organisations to help ensure that the Water Framework Directive (WFD) provides protection for our water.