Wildlife & Communities

Wildlife & Communities

Engaging community members in wildlife awareness and action.

‘Make it Wild’ is the IWT’s national program inspiring people to take action for wildlife in their local area.  It is about improving areas like gardens, green spaces, and derelict areas through an IWT certified system to create wildlife habitats.

Habitat loss is one of the greatest threats to Irish wildlife.  Rapidly expanding urban and suburban areas are eating up great tracts of valuable wildlife habitat.  What happens to the wildlife that used to exist in these areas?  ‘Make it Wild’ encourages people to help wildlife by replacing some of this lost habitat on their own properties and in their communities.  The IWT is supporting groups like Tidy Towns, community groups, and residents associations by providing the tools and information needed for success. Our comprehensive materials and workshops are part of a whole new way of looking at our relationship with nature, and of appreciating that we’re part of, and not separate from it.

Community group training covers topics such as; Local Biodiversity Actions Plan productions and Biodiversity Monitoring Training

See our Waterways for Wildlife programme for an example of our work with communities

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