Minister Creed fails to act in the public interest

Dec 14

Press Release: Minister Creed fails to act in the public interest in failing to end overfishing

 Published on: 14 December 2016

The Irish Wildlife Trust, which was in Brussels this week, is disappointed with the outcome of the latest round of fish quota negotiations which will do little for coastal communities or the protection of the marine environment. Despite the fact that there is a legal obligation to end overfishing by 2020 it was business as usual for Minister Creed and his team in fighting long-term scientific advice (produced by the Marine Institute at great public expense) in favour of short-term gain.
The IWT Campaigns Officer, Pádraic Fogarty, says: “Minister Creed is doing no one any favours in his prioritisation of certain sections of the fishing industry over the public good. In abandoning the Irish and Celtic Seas to a state of ecological degradation he is contributing to the decline of coastal communities and denying future generations the opportunities which come with healthy oceans. There is now an urgent need to close off large sections of the sea to harmful trawling to allow the recovery of beleaguered marine life. This is the only hope if we are to restore nature’s bounty and heritage which was once the lifeblood of coastal areas.”

CONTACT:  Padraic Fogarty – IWT’s Campaigns Officer –  for further details