Native Tree Giveaway Greens Co. Laois Woodlands

Feb 24

Native Tree Giveaway Greens Co. Laois Woodlands

Community Receives 12,000 Donated Trees and Shrubs

24th February 2020

Trees, hedgerows and parks in Co. Laois received a boost from a recent tree donation. Approximately 12,000 trees were donated by the Trees on the Land projects, and distributed by the Laois Offaly Branch of the Irish Wildlife Trust (IWT). The trees and shrubs were distributed to local community groups in the county to provide tree cover for public spaces and garden tree give aways. Recipient groups will hold tree plantings in February.

Trees on the Land is a cross-border initiative that works to establish young native trees across the island. IWT Branch Chair Brian Gaynor noted, “For the last several years, IWT Laois Offaly has been very fortunate to receive trees from this amazing charity to contribute to our reforestation efforts.”

Photo Caption: County Laois community groups received their share of the 12,000 trees distributed by Irish Wildlife Trust Laois Offaly. Trees were supplied by Trees on the Land.

Twenty local community groups, including Tidy Towns groups including Camross TT and Laois GAA, received donated trees. The recipients will gather in mid-February to plant the bare root saplings. When planted, the 12,000 trees will create approximately 1.6km of new hedgerow and several small copses of woodland and will increase the numbers of native wildlife friendly trees in gardens throughout the county.

When grown, these trees will provide valuable habitat for a range of native species, enhance the visual appearance of community green spaces, act as a source of wild food (e.g., berries, and nuts), and provide shelter and screening for wildlife. In addition, the project provides an opportunity to connect community members in the spirit of volunteerism through participation in tree planting days.

The distribution was facilitated through a Laois Tidy Towns training programme, funded by Laois Partnership Company and LEADER, which is training 25 local Tidy Towns groups on actions they can take to enhance their local communities in areas such as biodiversity and sustainability.



Branch Chairperson, Brian Gaynor,

PRO: Anne Sundermann,

About the Irish Wildlife Trust

IWT Laois Offaly is the local branch of the national Irish Wildlife Trust, which aims to conserve wildlife and the habitats they depend on throughout Ireland while encouraging a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural world and the need to protect it.  The Irish Wildlife Trust was founded in 1979 as a non-governmental organisation and charity (Charity no: CHY 6264). Website:

About Trees on the Land

Based in Co. Cork, Trees on the Land is a project of the Green Economy Foundation, which uses an island-wide network of professionals, volunteers, landowners and business supporters to dispense “Irish grown trees on Irish lands,” particularly deciduous species such as oak, alder, rowan, willow, hawthorn and hazel. Native pine species are also distributed. Website: