PRESS RELEASE: Wildart 2021 – Express your Creativity with the Irish Wildlife Trust WildArt Competition

Mar 30

Press Release

30th March

Wildart 2021 – Express your Creativity with the Irish Wildlife Trust WildArt Competition

The Irish Wildlife Trust has launched the second edition of their children’s art competition WildArt. The competition will engage children in the wonders of local wildlife (within their lockdown surroundings of course!). Children up to the age of 18 years of age are invited to enter the competition by creating a drawing, painting, model or collages on the theme: “Irish Wildlife within my 5k”.

There are four age categories with a prize for the winner in each category. The age categories are 6 and under; 7 to 10; 11 to 14 and 15 to 18 years.
“We were delighted with the engagement we had last year, so we decided to run the competition again. This year, even though we are unfortunately in a similar position with regard to the lockdown, we still have a chance to enjoy nature thriving and to encourage more young people to pay attention to their local environment. We would like to see how local Irish wildlife is represented in children’s art and that is why we decided on the theme My Irish Wildlife Within my 5k” states Fabiola Vieira, IWT administrative assistant.
According to the Irish Wildlife Trust Co-ordinator, Kieran Flood, “Young people have a great interest in nature. With the current lockdown, our young people will not be traveling as far to explore wildlife. We hope this art competition will inspire children to explore nature through their imagination and creativity.”


Art and nature have always gone hand in hand. From early cave drawings to modern fashion styles, nature is a constant source of inspiration. It is hoped that this project will inspire young people to learn about Irish wildlife in their area and then create an art piece inspired by that wildlife.


So get informed, get creative and have fun.  For details of the competition rules as well as instructions on how to enter, see the competition webpage here
The competition is open from now until 17:00 on 19th April.