Virtual townhall meetings on MPAs

Apr 19

Would you like to discuss Marine Protected Areas in your region and learn more about the public consultation that is currently open?


We are holding a series of townhall meetings in all the major coastal counties to address questions and concerns the public may have about marine protected areas and the report on ‘Expanding Ireland’s Marine Protected Area Network’ that is currently open for consultation. You can join us by registering at one of the links at the bottom of this page.
If you decide to join us, you are welcome to send in some questions beforehand. Please email with your question and be sure to tell us which county meeting you will attend. You will also get the chance to ask questions in person on the day.
Background information
If you would like more information about existing Marine Protected Areas in Ireland, please visit our campaign page here.
Recommended prior watching: Lyme Bay, the Road to Recovery
Blue Marine Foundation showcases the miraculous recovery of marine life in the UK’s Lyme Bay. Following the creation of a marine protected area, destructive fishing was banned. This greatly benefited small-scale fishermen due to the community-led, collaborative model of sustainable fishing that has since been developed . A great template which could easily be applied around the Irish coastline.

Visit  to find an easy explainer how to make a submission to the public consulation

The report currently out for consultation. This report will be the topic of the townhall meetings.



We hope to welcome many of you there!